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In Place

by Same Side

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Post Self 03:21
Dont tell me where to go Cause I already know that road Are you comfortable Is this comforting Is it possible if I say Don’t tell me where to stand That I already made my plan Have I said enough Are you listening  Have I heard you well Did I hear a thing Who fell into who Who melted right through And crawled back to you  Put everyone in place Let them go their separate ways Would you hear me out Should I let you in Do I talk too loud when I say Don’t try to understand Just settle in and play your hand Have you heard enough Am I making sense Are the waves too rough Can we still be friends
Domesticated 03:15
See it in an instant Terrible and distant fate Almost feels kismet But I never thought it’d end this way And I think you can feel it Tension in the air I know you could leave me here See if I care But I wish I could stop it Cut me down to size Then I could drift right by On the outside Head still underwater Trying to make out where you are Blood still getting hotter But I never thought you’d get so far I don’t know what I’m doing here I don’t know what I’m doing anywhere
Density 03:13
Blame on the density, no space between us Living in the brevity, no time to focus Looking for the levity, not much to notice Need a change of scenery Don’t say anything out loud Tired of living under cover like a boat without a rudder You drift off swimming in the sound Can’t have one without the other Like a kid without a mother I don’t know where I’m not allowed Blame it on the gravity, don’t feel the lightness Lacking an identity, without the crisis The weight of doing anything without a purpose Tell me what you really need, don’t say anything out loud 
What A World 04:16
Head in the gutter Feet on the dash Driving in circles Just watching time pass Tell me when I can breathe Wherever I like  Turn me out down the line But I don’t really wanna know why There’s food in the kitchen  And trash on the floor With luxuries laying around  Do we ask for more What a world The neighborhoods busy All Running in place The cards on table Just taking up space Tell me when I can see Whoever I like Do I want what I need Do they ever happen at the same time There’s dirt on the carpet The dishes aren’t done With luxuries laying around  Are we having fun What a world
Cheap Talker 03:16
Cheap talker, watch you run in place Slow walker, try to keep your pace Don’t bother, see it all in frame  Make it up as you go these days Carry on Move along Nothing wrong Make it up as you go along, go along Smooth talker, try to share the blame Hot water, fill your head with shame Don’t bother, go and play your game Make it up as you go these days
Long Enough 03:54
Do you think that it’s been long enough Are we running out of better things to do I’ll stay calm enough for both of us Just don’t look beyond what’s right in front of you  I try time and time again to find a way to ease your mind Just one time I called your bluff It’s alright You pulled it off But there’s no time now To feel so low down Take your own route I have my own doubts Are we close enough to keep in touch Are there words for how I think it should’ve been I’m not to used to ever saying much Would you tell me if I’m making any sense I try time and time again to be The one you claim to see If only I want it all Believe me It’s not your fault
Small Theft 03:53
Moments pass before you’re eyes In the time it takes to recognize Leave the window open wide Making friends with time before it flies Stopping at your fingertips Is the world that lives between your lips Fall to pieces bit by bit Though I never thought it’d come to this Don’t walk so slow Cause we’re not alone More than you know Don’t wanna be alone No more words to put in place As they leave your head without a trace Silence doesn’t fill the space But it sure as hell does feel that way


released November 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Same Side Los Angeles, California

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